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The Wood-Mode Way

Generations of talented professionals have shaped the Wood-Mode legacy. Together, we continue to build the Wood-Mode Way.

Bringing the 5 Keys to life

Our dedication to craftsmanship runs deep – generations deep. And that commitment brought us as a company to establishing five core pillars around which we operate: inspiration, innovation, craftsmanship, collaboration, and sustainability. Every decision made across company operations is set upon these established initiatives. Learn more about why Wood-Mode is committed to 5Keys…


The 5 Keys

Click and find out what makes each key so special to the Wood-Mode way.


Inspiration is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Wood-Mode strives to Inspire a Life of Beauty in its dealers, designers and customers. This means through our marketing channels, events and product development, we seek to inspire designers and customers as they start or continue their design journey.

Follow along with an Interior Designer, based in San Francisco, CA


Innovation is about more than products; it is a way of doing business. Wood-Mode is building a culture of innovation that finds new ways forward. Wood-Mode has been a constant leader in setting the pace for new products and designs in North America. This means keeping a close eye on global market trends and an ear to the ground on regional dealer needs and customer requests.




There’s no substitute for experience, and it shows. The Wood-Mode brand stands for time-tested, time-proven and time-honored craftsmanship – a hallmark that will continue throughout its future. Wood-Mode is proud to employ nearly 600 employees at our Kreamer, PA-based facility. In many cases, Wood-Mode team members are second or third generation employees with decades of experience.


"It's challenging and takes a certain finesse to get it exactly right" -Jodi Camp


Wood-Mode recognizes – and celebrates – that it is part of a larger family that extends from the factory, reps, dealers, suppliers and support staff all the way through to its customers. Wood-Mode believes it is made better through embracing this collaborative effort and the creativity and solutions that naturally emerge from it.

Follow along with Matt Risinger, a Builder Remodeler based in Austin, TX



Wood-Mode was living out sustainable practices decades before “green” became a trending word. It’s something that the company wholeheartedly believes in. Our dedication to sound environmental practices is marked by significant investments in solar power, energy-efficient manufacturing, and low-waste product development.


Rod Hunter“The Wood-Mode legacy was built with great respect for the environment,” says Rod Hunter, general manager. “We’ve taken that belief and amplified it to meet and, in some cases, even exceed today’s standards for energy efficient manufacturing. The enhancements we’ve made enable us to reduce overall emissions, conserve resources, and lower operational costs. Those benefits directly translate to an improved environmental impact and allow us to transfer operational cost savings to maintain fair product pricing for our customers.”


Key Sustainability Initiatives Include:

  • Solar-Powered Factory Operations
  • Energy-Efficient HVAC System
  • High-Yield Production Equipment
  • Sustainable Craftsmanship


Wood-Mode is certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) for meeting the standards of its stringent Environmental Stewardship Program including compliance with air quality, product resource management, environmental stewardship, and community relations.

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